Saturday, April 25, 2009

USER MANUAL (AMR Web Access - Dealers)

1. AMR Web Access for Maxis Dealers
This is a user manual used by Maxis dealers to …
1.1 User Functions
AMR Web Access is to be used by Maxis Dealers to:
• Register MSISDN for a MyKad Owner
• Register MSISDN for a Non-MyKad Owner
• View Registration Status

1.2 User Login

1. logon with your correct ID and password.

1. After logon, you will access to mainpage as above.

2. There have two button as above.
2. Click “MyKad registration” or “Non-MyKad registration” for register.

1.3 MyKad Registration

1. Insert My Kad into USB Tricubes and click “Read My Kad” at
the bottom.
2. The information will show out automatically as below.

3. The information are not allowed to be changed.
4. Key in phone number in “Msisdn” and also “verify Msisdn”.
5. Press “save” button when you have done.

1.4 Non-MyKad Registration
Each Maxis dealer will perform the following steps…to be continued

1. Full name, Date of birth, Gender, Race, Address, Postcode are
2. New IC, Old IC, Password No. are only need to fill in either one.
3. “City” and “State” will show automatically when user key in the
4. Key in phone number in “Msisdn” and also “Verify Msisdn”.
5. Press “save” button when you have done.

1.5 View Registration Status

1. Click “registration status check” .
2. Press “Check Status” .
3. Type out the user number and click “search” button.
4. Information will show in the meantime.


  1. Hye Fang...

    If we wrongly entered the password, the account will be locked, "plz ctc the administrator". Does it means that I need to refer to the dealers I signed up the account??

  2. Hi Fang...
    saya mempunyai my kad reader model ACR38, kenapakah ianya tidak boleh detect. Terpaksa menggunakan cara manual yg agak lambat. Utk register digi boleh pulak.. terima kasih.

  3. can someone teach me to check amr maxis all user logon name ?

  4. Hi Fang...

    boleh saya tahu di manakah nak register AMR Web Access